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UT3 Series
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Uticor Touch Plus
15” Model
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EZTouch Plus

From the creators of the original Uticor Tough Panel comes the UT Touch Plus™.

Introducing the next step in HMI evolution. Faster processing, better graphics, more connectivity. The future is here: UT Touch Plus™.

Windows HMI detail

Uticor is pleased to announce the release of its new flagship addition to the well known Tough panel; line of HMIs: the UT Touch Plus™.

UT Touch Plus™ is currently available in 15” and boasts a ground breaking feature set unlike no other HMI on the market.

Stunning Display:
UT TouchPlus™ boasts a stunning 15” LED backlit display with 16.2 MM Colors. With 400 Nits brightness and a 1024x768 resolution, it is one of the crispiest and brightest displays on any HMI anywhere.

Standard Features with no fuss:
UT Touch Plus™ comes standard with 4 USB Ports, a 1 GB Ethernet port, built-in webserver, and a MicroSD card reader for additional memory. It is truly designed to be a “plug and play” experience with no fuss in part number selection and ease of implementation.

Same uWin Software:
UT Touch Plus™ is programmed with Uticor’s same award winning uWin software as the rest of our HMI line, and the software allows for virtually seamless transition between models and protocols.

Processing Power:
With an Intel Atom E640 1 GHz processor with 1GB DDR2 RAM and a 4GB SSD Hard drive, the UT Touch Plus™ packs a punch in performance and productivity.  With a dedicated AVG Operating System, there are no overhead processes to worry about, and the processing power is at the beck and call of the HMI.

PLC Connectivity:
EZAutomation™ has always striven to provide a universally connective HMI experience to 95% of the PLCs available on the market, and UT Touch Plus™ is no different, providing an HMI with both Ethernet and USB drivers available. The Built-in 1 GB Ethernet port supports Ethernet drivers such as Allen Bradley’s Ethernet IP or DF1 Ethernet, Siemens ISO Ethernet, GE SRTP Ethernet, Modbus TCP/IP, AutomationDirect K Sequence over Ethernet, and many more. In addition, there are also two Serial ports that support most serial driver communications.

Rugged Construction:
UT Touch Plus™ is designed with a Nema 4/4X housing able to withstand harsh environments. The LED Backlight allows for a life of over 75,000 Hrs @ 55°C. In addition, the 5-Wire Analog resistive Touchscreen is designed to withstand pressure and repeated use.