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Uticor Open_Gateway_V1.0 User Manual

User Manual

Industrial IoT LTE Gateway with IEEE 802.11 b/g/n

The Uticor wireless and cellular industrial grade router or IoT Gateway offers M2M communications and remote data collection from the plant factory floor. It can remotely collect data from PLCs, machines, networks and sensors and transfer the data to the cloud for production monitoring and preventative maintenance. The router can be used as an edge of network device (edge to cloud) for Industry 4.0 applications or simply as a VPN tunnel for secured remote access to a control system.

  • Industrial IoT Modem/Router
  • Supports Modbus TCP/IP, RTU, MQTT, Sparkplug B, CoAP and LWM2M Protocols
  • 1 Digital Input & 1 Digital Output Onboard
  • M2M Gateway for Remote Access & Data Collection
  • Supports Open Gateway, DHCP Server & Forwarding, VPN
  • TLS Security & CA Certifications
  • Open Gateway Protocols (Protocol Converter) Software
  • Support VPN for Secured Network Connection (Open VPN, PPTP, IPSec)
  • Rugged IP-30 Industrial Housing for Harsh Environments
  • Supports Dual Mini SIM Cards


The UT-WM-4312D-4G Gateway uses LTE module which supports 2G/3.5G/4G technologies. The user can choose between three different communication interfaces to connect their end-device: Fast Ethernet ports, Serial port and Wireless Wi-Fi connectivity with 150Mbps link speed. With Modbus RTU and TCP protocols the Gateway can easily communicate with any compatible device to poll and write different types of data. UT-WM-4312D-4G can also transfer data to 5 host PCs simultaneously for backup purposes. In addition, the gateway supports all common VPN protocols (OpenVPN, PPTP, IPSEC) and can establish secured tunneling connections between clients and servers.

Edge to Cloud Application

VPN Remote Access Application

Cloud Platforms Connection

UT-WM-4312D-4G supports all common lightweight Cloud communication protocols: MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) including Sparkplug B version for payload and topic definition, CoAP (Constrained Application Protocol) and LWM2M (Lightweight M2M). Thanks to our Open Gateway software, it is simple to deploy an IoT solution. Connecting a large variety of end-devices, very often with different communication interfaces, to different Cloud Platforms has never been so easy. The Open Gateway protocol converter is an easy to use web-based configuration interface that turns the gateway into a transparent "middle-man" between Modbus, field devices and MQTT/CoAP/LWM2M servers. The user can define and shape the data format before it is sent to the Cloud for secured storing, analysis and Dashboard or HMI SCADA visualization.