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Next Gen Industrial Panel PC

UTICOR offers with the 6th Generation Intel Core i mobile Processors, a line of Panel PCs, which have a completely fanless Design.

The PC is available with 6 different Display Sizes. Depending on the mounted Display, the Resolution is 1024 x 768, 1280 x 1024 or 1920 x 1080 Pixel.

The PC is equipped with an embedded 3.5" Processor Board. It comes with a Core i3 Processor with a Benchmark of 3498. Core i5 with a Benchmark of 3898 or a Core i7 with a Bench-mark of 4750 options are available.

A 2.5" Flash Disk with 120 GB capacity.

System Memory of 8 GB or optional 16 GB.

The PC can be booted up from the USB Port.

Two LAN Ports, up to four serial and five USB Ports, plus an USB 3.1 Port take care of the external interfacing. An external monitor can be connected to the Display Port.

The PC is available with a Stainless Steel Panel Mounted Front Bezel. The System offers a Front with IP 65 Protection and Touch Screen or protective Glass. UTICOR also offers customer specified solutions.

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