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HMI and Operator Interface Quick Links

UT3 Series
6”, 8" & 10" Models
Uticor Touch Plus
15” Model
Uticor Touchpanel
4”, 6”, 8” & 10” Models
Uticor SE Series
6”, 8” & 10” Models
Uticor Windows HMI
10” & 15” Models

Not every Embedded PC is the Same! Here's Why!

Many companies offer embedded PCs. However, the industrial user still faces the following challenges:

Products are not “industrial” enough and do not last long in industrial environments, such as high temperature, high humidity, oil & coolant mists, hosedowns for machine wash, high shock & vibration. And when a component fails, it takes a long time to replace it, causing a loss of machine productivity.

Most companies do not offer ready-to-use products, requiring customers to spend a day or two to install necessary software. Should incompatibilities or driver issues come up, this time could extend to weeks.

Windows HMI detail