A Division of AVG

American Pride in Manufacturing

AVG, an American Group of companies, is vertically integrated to design and manufacture state of the art electronic products, cost effectively, for the best return on investment for our customers.

Made in America


Free Flow Ladder on Screen

  • Super Enhanced HMI
  • 32 DI/O, 6 AI/O, Expandable to 128
  • 2.2ms Scan Time
  • 2 100Khz Encoder Channels
  • 4 PLS Outputd, 40µsec response time3 PWM Outputs
  • Free Flow Ladder Logic
  • Monitor/Force Logic on Screen
  • Gateway to other Networks, DH+, Ethernet, etc..

TouchPLSTMon Ethernet

Super Fast, Accurate & Integrated

  • Touchscreen Graphical PLS setting
  • 4096 bit/rev, 0.1°, 30 µsec Scan
  • -67°F-248°F, NEMA 4, Expl. Proof, Resolver
  • Ratio Converter for Resolver 2500ft away
  • Leading/Trailing Edge Speed Compen.
  • Flash Module for User Programs
  • Built-in Productivity Monitor
  • Can even be the OI for PLC


High End Features in a Low Budget Package

  • Data Read from any register
  • 3 variables per line
  • User defined Tricolor enunciators
  • Save cost of other panel lights
  • Folder organized messages
  • Easy-to-use, navigate & program
  • 3 yr Warranty
  • Customizable/Field insert legends
Power Text

G2 & Q2 PowerPanelTM

SCADA Like, without the "PC" Pain

  • Easiset to use bullet proof software, Free!!
  • Flash for user program and firmware
  • Alarm History, Recipes, Trends & Export to excel
  • Dual drivers with connectivity to most PLCs
  • NEMA 4X, Class I Div 2, UL, CE, Stainless Steel
  • 32bit floating point math, scroll list, expressions SPC, CPK and down time monitoring built-in
  • Full Data Acquisition package built-in
  • Vector based graphics and incredible touch response
  • Unique online programming saves MEGA $$$
  • Plug & Play replacements for AB, TCP and other Obsolete panels with free program conversion
Power Panel

Smart PowerMarqueeTM

Eliminates PLC Programming, also has its own PLC

  • Easiset to program ... in minutes
  • Up to 1MB memory for messages
  • Built-in tag/alarm monitoring
  • Built-in Data acquisition & trending
  • Dual drivers & connectivity to most PLCs
  • Gateway to other PLCs, DH+, Ethernet, etc.
  • Matched LEDs with 4yr Warranty
  • Optional built-in 32 I/O PLC for totally independent operation
  • Variety of sizes, small, big and ver big!
  • Stainless Steel option
Smart PowerMarquee


Hinged Bezel for Low MTTF

  • Mean time to fix < 2 mins
  • Dual VGA Outputs
  • Noise, NEMA 4X & electrical ratings
  • Pre configured & ready to run
  • Guranteed stable 3 yr supply
  • CPU temp & fan speed motors
  • Full Data Acquisition package built-in
  • Stainless Steel option
  • 2 yr Warranty
  • Analog intensity adjustment
Power IPC